What is TCRSCommunityTeam?

TCRSCommunityTeam is a coterie circle based on Minecraft multiplay server began on 29th December 2011.

Quick History of TCRSCommunityTeam

2011/12/29 Began to operate Minecraft multiplay server (predecessor of TCRS)
2012/02/19 Changed name to “The Country of a Railroad Server“, the formally name of TCRS
Early 2012 As The Country of a Railroad Server Software Factory (Now: TCRS Soft), developed Minecraft launcher for modded environment(the origin of MSL2 Series)
2012/05/20 Began to use TCRS as official abbreviated name when we got domain “tcrs.pw”
Mid 2013 Changed name of The Country of a Railroad Server Software Factory to TCRS Soft. And integrated mod developing by inaka(=representative of TCRS)
2015/01/14 Began operating TCRS The Vanilla
2016/12/29 Began TCRSCommunityTeam reorganizing TCRS Group. TCRS Amusement Service and TCRS Soft opted for TCT.